Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Remembering Feeling

Today while doing my yoga practice I realized that as we age we forget to feel.  The aging is the result of forgetting physical feeling.  I imagine this happens for many reasons including boredom or generally pre-occupation with adult living that does not include 'feeling' our bodies in totality.

As we remember various parts of our body and feel them all over again, we may feel flushed or begin to sweat.  It is energy burned and released that causes us to sweat when the meridian opens and energy begins to flow again.  At those moments, it is almost like a secret language without words. And we may begin to experience certain satori's or brilliant moments of intense insight.

As we remember the feeling within our limbs, or bodily cavities, energy flows to the area and stagnate energy is released.  An area of the brain associated with the location is also opening, like a door-way ( my fathers mansion has many rooms).

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Dawing of a New Aeon

Mary Magdalen is the dawning of the new Eve(Aeon).  She is the resurrection of Eve of Eden.  As she was first tempted by the Archon's, she has suffered through the ages and this UNION between herself and her beloved ( Jesus) is final.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Transfiguration

I just had an epiphany about the light body and the rainbow body. The shroud of turin is key to this.  The various layers of the body start with 1- The highest is the Anandamaya,  the second the Vigynamaya, the third the Manamaya, the fourth the Pranamaya and then the Anamaya- I  came to this conclusion because the physical body is the last to carnate or manifest.. .. we come from the light into the density of matter and earth. 

The transfiguration ( visible in the tourin relic) is a powerful talisman of the law of opposites & Union. 

When we have focused within our minds the subtle realms to the highest attainment, instead of poles repelling ( which is the energy that maintains our physical form within the ethers) , we in fact 'merge'  magnetically and the energy released is  a great light-  we instantly commune ( imagine yourself walking through a wall... the very moment you move to the wall and move through it...this is the transfiguration )...

I believe that these are teachings are helping us to resurrect into the light body from the physical body while still alive.  The pineal gland is the tunnel that our consciousness must travel through after we die; however, I believe this is not the case with transfiguration. 

I believe that the entire body becomes energy and then as it merges with the subtle bodies, it then returns to the causal plane.  Astral bodies are generally for those that have died a natural death. ( another story). The rainbow body represents space/time/ dimensions of various levels of creation as the colors of the spectrum resonate at their own frequency therefore dimension in time/space... perhaps each of these is a dimension we travel must travel through in order to get to the holy of holies?

Friday, October 28, 2016


Friday Oct. 28, 2016

This came to me a few evenings ago during a particularly intense meditation. 

" they have within their means to act like HUMANS but instead they are driven by an unseen force
that they can justify corrupt behaviour.  Even those that believe they work for the GOOD OF ALL find themselves prey to the GREED of materialism and the FALSE GOD"

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

What is Your Governement Doing?

What is our government plans on the environment?  Is oil still important in a world that is burning up? If our trees are gone and the water is polluted, then what?   When will the government implement new technology and give us a chance for a clean future? Why does the Government support a black energy that is killing us and blowing up towns and polluting land & killing wildlife?  We have the technology... if we can send probes into space and take pictures of our outer galaxy, our leaders have the ability to make changes that benefit the economy.  The economy will boom only if the government decides to change it's methodology of doing business.  There are thousands of jobs available - the government must look after its citizens and if our environment is dying then isn't this an indication that the government is responsible?  Isn't this a moral & ethical issue as Al Gore said in his movie about global warming?  Why is the government not doing something now?  Is money really the answer?  The elite are only 1% and sooner or later, the word will get out about them and I believe that governments will take a new approach and give us back our sovereignty. Nobody is immune to the global condition. Even physicists say we are all in the same field; whoever reads this now is the same as everyone else. We are a global family.  We all care and we all have the power within our Beings to change for the better.  The government is a thing created for the PEOPLE....think about this.  Who is running the show and who is stopping the necessary changes that we need now?  Blocking the internet and spying on people is not the answer to our dilemma.... hiring the best minds in our country and giving up control is the only way we will win.  And I'm not talking about this like a game either.  Our Human Condition is the issue. Period.   IDo you realize that you & I will not be invited to the space station when this earth is unlivable? We don't get tickets...only the 1% do. Think about that.

Monday, July 13, 2015

The Pure Race or Sons of God

The Pure Race or Sons of God

I just had a thought.
When my teacher was alive he used to tell me " things are never as they seem, always look at the opposite and this is the truth" .  I didn't quite understand it then but as the years passed I slowly came to see what he meant by that.

Today my realization, based on that teaching, is about Nazi Germany.

Hitler wanted to obliterate Humans, not because he wanted to preserve the Pure Race, which he referred to as Aryans, but because he wanted to annihilate it.

The Nazi regime is a reflection of pure evil thus, the pure race, or true SONS OF GOD, are the opposite if evil.  This was ( and still is) the perpetual reason for the murder of innocents.  Since the stories given to us from as far back as we can remember, the stories always center around an evil leader who wants to destroy whomever may pose a threat to his kingdom.  This is the age-old story of good verses bad.

Hitler was not about preserving a Pure Race, he was about annihilating it.  Why? Because he was afraid of his own demise.  Pure evil in power is the weakest of all; hence the military & war to protect itself.

Evil want to get rid of good in order to have complete power whereas Good doesn't even think about it because it is good and it does not require walls, gates, locks or war.

The irony of it all is that in the laws of the Universe, we have Death, Rebirth and Life...it is a constant cycle , thus Brahma, Vishnu & Siva... or Sattva, Rajas or Tamas.  The cycles are perpetual.  Like Yin , Yang and the figure 8 ... the two laws of opposites are the whole. You can't have one without the other. 

There is perpetual balance, no matter what, we cannot alter the laws of physics. P = Q and always will be.

Considering all the weapons of mass destruction by the powers that be... the annihilation of the enemies of evil will leave evil unto itself... when there are none left to control or enslave, evil shall retreat back into the abyss from which it came.  Evil is the lord of matter; whereas Spirit is the Lord of Soul.